A huge emptiness invades us upon leaving the drugs. All the time and attention devoted to a substance ... Now what?! How are we supposed to face this experience?

The first thing we need to consider is how we fill the gaps of time. We ought to become familiar with these gaps of time as they allow us to find our own pace, to differentiate ourselves from everything external and find out who we are.

Nobody has taught us to just enjoy just who we are. In each of us there is the idea that I'm missing something; to be happy, full, normal, good, perfect ...

It exists a moment in life when we all have to leave behind some of our ideas about who we think we are. It is at this vital moment when we begin to review our beliefs and ideas about ourselves and the world around us. This is when we are able to make changes of our pre-established perceptions of ourselvess and our lifes.

Once we reach this awareness, we can let go of all ideas about ourselfs and move on. We are able to leave a mental perception / fantasy (unattainable) of ourselfes. We come to a point when our own autonomy and authenticity comes through and these qualities will allow us to establish an independent and genuine link with ourselfes, with other people and with the different stages of life.



Today we will reflect on the importance of boundaries. Exploring them, we could rediscover and redefine our personal space, to take care and respect about my life. Why are the limits so importants? How can they help us in our process to life without drugs?
We  easily differentiate when an object begins and another ends. In physical elements, we see very clearly it in a table, a chair, a lamp ...
For emotions, it is different. The field of study becomes more blurred and costs us differentiate our emociontal field from the others. Then being with others become a very complex situations.
Do we responsible for the emotions of others? Is it perhaps one way where we run away with drugs abuse?
In this group therapy in Mas Ferriol we will exploring on the limits as an essential part in the process of rehabilitation.