We currently have six individual rooms to ensure ideal conditions for a treatment. The center is an old restored farmhouse that retains the charm of the quiet place.

We have a small gym, a library and a garden that provides us with horticultural products. The kitchen staff can make special diets when medical conditions so warrant.

The 6 rooms at Mas Ferriol are all individual, with a double bed and a bathroom. They all have a study area with Wi-Fi. Laundry services are included (not ironed). Ferriol Mas takes over the bedding and towels.

Mas Ferriol offers good quality home cooking. To us, eating well is very important.

- We start the day with a buffet breakfast

- For lunch, we try to eat all together, staff and patients.

- Our organic garden provides us with fresh vegetables.

- We bake cakes throughout the week

The patients have access to soft drinks, yogurts, cookies, teas, fruits, etc. 24h a day. Mas Ferriol can adapt the menu for a patient that has specific food requirements (both for medical and religious reasons).


In the dining area of Mas Ferriol we provide the daily service for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is also serves as a community space to watch TV together.

In the dining room our patients have at their disposal:

- A refrigerator with soft drinks, juices, yogurts, fruits, cookies, etc.

- A kettle for tea

- A water fountain

- A coffee machine

The dining room includes a fireplace that we use during autumn and winter.


The library is located at the main entrance of the center. It is an area to:

- Read the newspaper

- Choose a book

- Work with a computer (besides from your own room)

Mas Ferriol has a room that serves both as a therapy room for groups and / or families or an extra TV room.

The patient has the possibility to exercise individually and / or together with other patients.

- Elliptical bike

- Basketball

- Table tennis

- Badminton

- Fitness / bodybuilding

We are in a privileged environmet, ideal for walking and / or jogging.

Depending on the season, there are always tasks that you can help with. We have a housekeeper specialised in gardening and the care of the environment and it's a good physical activity for patients who want to try.

There are different rooms in the house for therapy depending if the therapy is individual or for a group.

It's where the staff members on duty reside.

- It also serves for nursing.